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Tampa Car Wash- Do’s and Don’ts

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Subaru put out a commercial that is sure to make every professional detailer groan just thinking about getting a call from this guy:

How many things can we count that these kids did wrong?

  1. Left the windows open.
  2. Used toothpaste to clean the air conditioning vents
  3. Used waaaaaay too much soap
  4. Cleaning the inside of the car with a hose
  5. Sponges instead of microfiber
  6. And who knows how hard that water is

It really is a funny commercial for what not to do when washing your car and they make the Dad a good guy, instead of what most of would probably do if we found our kids doing that to our car.

If you need to wash your car here are some tips and tricks that professional detailers use:

  1. Don’t just start washing the vehicle; you need to prep it first. Use a hose and wet down the entire car. If you have a nozzle that provides good pressure, make sure that you spray down the tires and wheels.
  2. Don’t start at the top, start with the tires and wheels. If you leave the tires and wheels until last, you can then blow back the dirt and grime onto the already clean car. Wash, scrub and rinse the tires and wheels first, then start from the top down.
  3. Don’t use dish soap. Dish soap can strip your car of protective waxes and hurt your paint. It is very important to use soap that is specially formulated to use for washing vehicles. You can find car wash soap at any auto parts store and many retail outlets.
  4. Don’t use a thick layer of wax. Some people think that you must use lots and lots of wax in order to protect your paint. You only need a thin layer, let it dry and then remove it. You will get the same protection, but use less wax and save money.
  5. Don’t let your vehicle air dry if you have any kind of hard water. This will cause spots that are very difficult to remove. Use a microfiber cloth or a chamois to dry your car as soon as you are finished rinsing it. This is extremely important for those living in sunny states and who have dark colored cars.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or the desire to wash your car or you want it 100% detailed, you can always call a professional detailer, like Auto Pros Mobile Detailing in Tampa, FL. We have commercial grade equipment and chemicals, so that we can detail your car the right way. We are not just another Tampa car wash; we are professionals that are trained in stain removal, buffing and polishing, headlight restoration and the proper use of chemicals to make your vehicle look its best. Time is a precious commodity, so let us save you time. You can keep working, playing or relaxing while we make your vehicle look great.

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