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Not All Tampa Mobile Detailing Businesses are Equal

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oxidized Mercedes SLK230 (before)

Oxidized paint before polish

oxidized Mercedes SLK230 (after)

After a full polish job

When it comes to mobile detailing in Tampa, bargains can come at a steep price to your paint. A lot of people think that detailing a car is as simple matter of getting a bucket, some dish soap, a sponge and a towel. Unfortunately, that is a recipe for hurting your paint. What’s even worse, is there are car detailers in Tampa that don’t know any better.

The paint on your car is exposed to elements such as dirt, debris, bugs, pollen, tree sap, road tar and a host of other things that can harm it. Some of these elements can visibly chip the paint, which no Tampa car detail business can fix with a simple wash job or even a highly involved polish. The other components- the ones that just make your car “dirty”- are also harming your paint. This is why it is so important to use the right chemicals and tools to detail your vehicle.

If you are like many people in Tampa, detailing your car is not high on the list of things you desire to do, so you call around to different places looking for the best deal. This is where you need to be careful, because some of the so-called professional detailers can actually do more harm than good to your car. When a mobile detailer gives you a price of $10 or $20 for a wash, it’s a pretty good bet that he is going to use non-commercial chemicals and old rags, sponges and brushes to clean it. All of these things can damage your car’s paint over time and some can harm them right away.

True professional companies, like Auto Pros Mobile Detailing in Tampa, use only high grade soaps that are made specifically for washing vehicles. Dish soap strips the wax from your cars paint, while the commercial soaps that we use have wax in them that helps to protect the paint. We also will never allow any type of plastic bristle brushes or old rags to come in contact with the surface of your paint, as these cause microscopic scratches.

We start with a professional-grade power sprayer using water treated so that it won’t leave spots or mineral residue on your paint. We also spray your wheels and tires with a chemical designed to degrease them and get off the really tough road grime. After that we hand wash the vehicle with micro-fiber towels to minimize any possible scratches. If you have bugs on your hood or sap from a tree, we use commercial products made to remove these without damaging your paint. When you need your car waxed, which is recommended about every 2-3 months in Florida, we use only the highest quality waxes not found in regular retail stores.

If your car has special needs, such as paint overspray or polishing, this is particularly where you want to choose one of the best Tampa car detail companies. These jobs require highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, who use only the top-of-the-line products and tools for the job. Too many times, Auto Pro’s Mobile Detailing in Tampa has had to go in to try to repair damage done by another detailer that quoted a cheaper price, then used the wrong products and tools for the job.

The next time you are calling around for a Tampa car detailer, just remember that “deal” that some companies offer may end up as no bargain at all for your paint. Give the pro’s a call at Auto Pro’s Mobile Detailing- (813) 778-3544.

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