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Forget About Wax On & Wax Off- Go for the Sealant

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Forget Waxing- Go for paint sealantWith all of the environmental factors taking aim at your vehicle’s paint finish, you need a better solution than simply waxing your car. If you want to keep your car looking its best then you need to follow these simple tips.


Keep your car washed. I know that seems obvious, but so many people will let road grime, bird poop, sap and love bugs stay on their cars for days or weeks! This is killing the paint. Removing grime and contaminants from your car will help maintain that new car shine. But be careful, because not all washing products are the same! You never want to use dish soap on your vehicle, because it can remove the protective waxes and leave a dull residue. Also, stay away from bristle brushes. Even if the brush says it’s made to wash cars, all bristle brushes can put fine scratches and cause swirls in paint. It’s best to use a car wash mitt or micro-fiber towel. Also, a tip you might want to take from a professional detailer- use two buckets! One for clean, soapy water and one to rinse out your dirty mitt.


While waxing is a great way to make your car shine, there is an even better way to keep it shining and help protect your paint. Use a polymer based paint sealant. Even the best wax won’t last as long or protect as well as this type of sealant. Polymer based paint sealants have superior bonding ability to waxes, so they can last longer.


Remember, if you are too busy to wash and seal your car, Auto Pro’s Mobile Detailing can do it for you. With any detail for only $15 extra, we can put on a paint sealant that can add up to 8 months of protection. Let us come to your home or office and do the work, so you don’t have to! Auto Pro’s Mobile Detailing- Tampa and all of Hillsborough County.


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