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Pollen, Paint and Punishment

Every year, like clockwork, the dreaded pollen season arrives, and every year, those who do auto details in Tampa know car owners all over the Bay area are going to punish their paint when they go to wipe off the offending greenish-yellow dust. Most Tampa car owners probably think, “But it’s just soft dust. How […]



Not All Tampa Mobile Detailing Businesses are Equal

When it comes to mobile detailing in Tampa, bargains can come at a steep price to your paint. A lot of people think that detailing a car is as simple matter of getting a bucket, some dish soap, a sponge and a towel. Unfortunately, that is a recipe for hurting your paint. What’s even worse, […]



Tampa Car Wash- Do’s and Don’ts

  Subaru put out a commercial that is sure to make every professional detailer groan just thinking about getting a call from this guy: How many things can we count that these kids did wrong? Left the windows open. Used toothpaste to clean the air conditioning vents Used waaaaaay too much soap Cleaning the inside […]



Why That Bargain Car Wash Might Not Be Such a Bargain After All!

You see the signs on the road all the time in Tampa–car wash $5 or $10 detail. Wow- that looks like a really great deal, right? Be careful though, because the old saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to detailing vehicles. Automatic Car Washes- What could be easier? […]



Forget About Wax On & Wax Off- Go for the Sealant

With all of the environmental factors taking aim at your vehicle’s paint finish, you need a better solution than simply waxing your car. If you want to keep your car looking its best then you need to follow these simple tips.



Headlight Restoration- Tampa

  You see them on cars all the time…foggy, yellow headlights. Not only do they take away from the look of the vehicle, they also reduce the efficiency of the headlight itself.



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