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    • How often should I get my car detailed?If you are driving every day, it is a good idea to wash your vehicle every two weeks to one month. You should plan on waxing it every 3 months for vehicles parked outside and every 5-6 months for garage kept vehicles. A full detail should be done at least twice a year, which includes shampooing the carpets, conditioning the leather or fabric and cleaning out the crevices. Remember, we’re in Florida where the intensity of the sun is especially harsh on paint and interiors. For most people, a car is a very significant purchase and regular detailing helps maintain your vehicle’s value.



    • What about those $5 car wash places or the $10 road side stands? Like with so many things in life, when it comes to detailing your car, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many of the road side stands are fly-by-night operations that are running without a license, or even any insurance. If they damage your car in any way, it will end up costing you money. Also, those “bargain” car wash places try to upsell you and you end up spending $50-$75 for that $5 car wash. What’s worse is that after paying that much, your car may not come out as clean as you wanted it. Many of them use recycled water, leaving harmful deposits on your car which, over time, can damage your paint.  Plus with road side stands and car wash places you have to go to them. With Auto Pro’s Mobile Detailing, we come to you. Auto Pros Mobile Detailing in Tampa, FL is a fully licensed and insured company, so your automobile is safe in our hands. We have professional equipment and we are Pros at detailing all types of vehicles, from cars, SUV’s and trucks to large heavy duty equipment, RV’s, boats and motorcycles. We save you time and you can rest easy knowing your car is going come out sparkling clean. 



    • How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?Occasionally same day appointments are available, but normally we need one or more days in order to schedule your detail. Often, we are fully booked one week in advance, so please call 813-778-3544 to check our availability.



  • Do I really need to worry about love bugs ruining my car? Absolutely! It is imperative to get the dead love bugs off of your vehicle as soon as you can. They can do irreversible damage to the finish on your paint and the marks they leave can ruin the look of your car. Spray off your front grill too, as they can clog the radiator and that could lead to costly repairs. Waxing your vehicle regularly helps keep the damage from love bugs down. Love Bug season in Florida lasts from April through September, with high concentrations in April and May, then again in August and September.



  • Is it OK to use dish soap when washing my car? No! Dish soap contains chemicals that can strip important waxes from your vehicle. The professional grade soap we use is specifically formulated to remove dirt, oil and grime from automotive paint. Unlike dish soap, our car wash soap includes wax. This helps to bring out the natural shine and luster of the paint and makes your wax job last longer between washings.  


  • How do I get odors out of my vehicle? Will those deodorizing sprays work? Sprays will work temporarily, but for odors that are “stuck” in your vehicle you will need something more. That is why we use a two pronged approach. First we thoroughly clean the interior, condition the upholstery and shampoo the carpets. Then we use an ozone generator system that filters out odor causing particles.


  • How can I get my headlights clear again? Shouldn’t I just replace the lens? It can cost hundreds of dollars to replace just one headlight lens. We use a patented 3M system to restore your headlights. Depending on the severity of your problem, after reconditioning your headlights, you will notice increased brightness at night. Not only does restoring your headlights help with safety and is less expensive than replacing them, it also improves the look of your vehicle.  Check out some of our before and after headlight reconditioning pictures.








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