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Brandon Car Wash – Brandon mobile car wash

You see the hand-made signs around town, Brandon Car Wash – $10. While this may seem like a great deal, the old saying, “You get what you pay for” is very true. Many times these fly-by-night operations run without a license or insurance, which could leave you holding the bag if they harm your car. To top it off, some of these car wash stands, use products that could actually harm your paint job, such as dish soap and cheap wax. These businesses are not going to invest in the latest detailing equipment or professional grade chemicals.

When you need your car detailed you should look for a company that is licensed, insured and keeps up with the latest trends in the detailing world. If you are looking for a convenient time saver, consider using a Brandon mobile car wash company.

Just be warned, not all mobile detailing businesses are equal. Some things you should look for:
• Are they fully self contained? Meaning, do they provide their own water and electricity? A true professional company will not need to use your water or electricity.
• How does their detailing vehicle look? If they drive up in a beat up van or truck that doesn’t look washed, then it’s a pretty good bet that they might not do a very job on your vehicle.
• What kind of chemicals do they use? Make sure they are commercial or professional grade designed specifically for use on vehicles.
• Do they accept credit cards? Usually, only stable, well-established companies will be able to accept credit cards.
• Check out their website, look at pictures of vehicles they have done and go to the services page to get an
idea of what you get for what they charge.

Your vehicle is a sizeable investment, don’t just trust it to anyone; use a Pro- Auto Pros Mobile Detailing.

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